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Power Design

Power Design Inc manufactures fiberglass 15KV, 25KV and 35KV sectionalizing cabinets, pad mounted switchgear, primary metering enclosures and fiberglass buildings. We provide quality fiberglass products to underground, electrical, water, wind energy, wastewater and related industries. Our customers include investor owned utilities, electrical co-ops, electrical distributors engineering firms, and contractors.

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Schneider Electric

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Schneider Electric /
Power Logic/ION

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SNC Manufacturing

SNC RESTORE-LITE temporary power restoration and Current Balancing Transformer (CBT) Stray Voltage Control provide utilities with the tools needed to favorably impact both operations and customer satisfaction.

SNC RESTORE-LITE™ temporary power restoration systems allow utilities to restore power to homes and businesses within minutes and then schedule permanent repairs during regular hours at a time convenient to both the utility and the customer.

SNC CBT Stray Voltage Control provides an electric power utility with a safe and effective tool for mitigating stray voltage and currents in a grounding system that can return 98% of the current on the neutral.


Varentec provides products and solutions that achieve smarter power delivery for its customers. Funded by Bill Gates, 3M, and Khosla Ventures, Varentec is also the recipient of support from the Department of Energy.  Smart power delivery means thinking out of the box, taking new approaches, and breaking old barriers. High performance at a lower cost, more compact and greater versatility – in solution design, Varentec does not believe that innovation must carry a large cost increase. Smart power delivery, providing better control, more granular control, faster control, and more intelligent control – this is the mission of Varentec. By taking bold new approaches and simplifying the approach to age old problems, Varentec offers better performance at a lower total cost of ownership, and a faster return on investment.

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Youngstown Gloves

Youngstown Glove Company, founded in 2002, builds high performance gloves for customers worldwide with a focus on quality, innovation and superior service. Today we offer over 40 glove styles that exceed the demanding needs of professional workers. Every Youngstown style that is developed goes through extensive testing - both in the laboratory and in the field - prior to making it to our customers. Our thorough testing, proven patterns, innovative materials and meticulous quality control methods ensure that Youngstown is truly #1 in Durability.



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