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Advanced Visibility

Advanced Visibility's Glow technology was developed for one reason…improve safety! 

Many of you have seen and likely played with phosphorescent or glow-in-the-dark materials as a kid. You were likely very disappointed as the glow intensity was hardly noticeable, only lasting a few minutes and often very expensive. Glow-in-the-dark has always been a novelty until now. Advanced Visibility's Glow materials has a intensity bright enough to solve low light dangers and identify hazards without the us electricity, batteries or wires.

Manufactured in the U.S. AV Glow is available as a sew-on or heat applied for garments and PSA for decals or tape is visible outdoors for hundreds of feet after being charged by a natural or artificial light source and durable enough to stand-up to normal laundry conditions and outdoor environments. Being visible is no longer a novelty but a necessity!

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Mission critical battery systems are inherently unreliable and can fail at anytime without warning in as little as two weeks. BTECH's products measure, record and trend critical battery data and predict battery failures before they occur.

Servicing a variety of industries; Power Utility Industry, Industrial, Data Centers, Financial, Telecom, Petrol-chemical, Government and Military, customers who have embraced BTECH's technology have virtually eliminated the risk inherent in battery back up systems.


EMSPEC’s origin dates back to 1947. We are now a pioneer in innovative switchgear solutions, and our reach extends globally with a strong presence from coast to coast in Canada and holding important market shares in the USA, China, Australia and many more global regions. EMSPEC manufactures high quality switching equipment, including a complete range of high and medium voltage disconnect switches such as the folding vertical break, vertical break, center break, double end break, side break, semi-pantograph, indoor and outdoor tilt switches, grounding switches, manual and motor operators and a complete range of accessories.

Hitachi T&D Solutions

Hitachi T&D Solutions, Inc. is a premier international supplier of electrical equipment including dead tank high-voltage circuit breakers, gas-insulated switchgear, transformers, and generator main circuit breakers. One of the company's recent accomplishments is the creation of the industry's first environmentally conscious high voltage vacuum circuit breaker, a 72.5kV dry air insulated solution that eliminates SF6 gas. It provides exceptionally low maintenance and operation costs, and poses no threat to the environment as the insulating dry air can be released into the atmosphere with no adverse consequences. Hitachi T&D Solutions, Inc. is dedicated to continuing the expansion and integration of its present products while developing new and improved product solutions to meet future energy demands.


The Micatu Optical Solution Platform is an all optical, configurable and modular solution for condition monitoring of power distribution systems, power transformers and power generation equipment that can support four types of sensors; voltage, current, vibration and temperature each with a common connection module that connects to the M410 Modular Sensor Processor. 

When configured for Medium Voltage Smart Grid Measurements, the GridView™ Rg235 Medium Voltage & Current Sensor System is a direct replacement for standard power transformers and current transformers as well as pole-top and “bird-on-the-wire” sensors. Each three-phase sensor system provides highly accurate and precise simultaneous 3-phase measurement of voltage and current from 4kV to 35kV.

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The Polywater Company is a global manufacturer of specialty chemicals used in electrical and communications construction and maintenance.  Developed in 1973, water-based Polywater ® Lubricant revolutionized cable pulling with low friction and broad cable compatibility. Polywater has expanded to offer a broad line of products to clean, repair, maintain, and protect cables and other plant infrastructure.  Polywater technologies include adhesion, lubrication, precision cleaning, sealing, and field-friendly-packaging. Polywater continues to innovate by developing unique products to solve customer problems.

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Power Design

Power Design Inc manufactures fiberglass 15KV, 25KV and 35KV sectionalizing cabinets, pad mounted switchgear, primary metering enclosures and fiberglass buildings. We provide quality fiberglass products to underground, electrical, water, wind energy, wastewater and related industries. Our customers include investor owned utilities, electrical co-ops, electrical distributors engineering firms, and contractors.


  • Powertech's Substation Capabilities

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Richards / ETI

Richards has proudly served the utility industry since 1945, earning the respect of customers and competitors alike. To have remained successful after all these years, in a demanding and competitive industry, is no simple task. It takes a lot of hard work, starting with our CEO, who oversees operations everyday…and finishing with the individuals on the production lines, who carefully craft every Richards product. They all share one common focus: satisfying the needs of you, our customer. You want reliability — we manufacture top-quality products that exceed your expectations. You want flexibility — Richards designs, manufactures, and tests many non-standard and specialty products to meet our customers’ requirements. Most of all, you want a trusted partner and you can always rely on Richards to assist you with any problem or emergency in the field.

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Ripley / Utility Tool

Ripley is the leading global manufacturer of wire and cable preparation tools, serving lineman, technicians and installers for over 40 years. Ripley’s full product line of high quality wire and cable preparation tools and accessories for the Transmission & Distribution, CATV, Electrical and Telecommunications industries is distinguished by three brands: Miller®, Utility Tool™ and Cablematic®. The UtilityTool brand of products features tools intended to splice and terminate cable while meeting specific application needs including accurate removal of insulation, semi-conductive sheathing, protective jacketing and other materials to produce a consistent, uniform preparation of cable ends.

Download the Ripley Tool Mobile App  to select the right tool for your job.

SAE Inc.

SAE takes on the tough cathodic protection, AC mitigation and grounding assignments and provides innovative, engineered solutions to protect infrastructure from corrosion, AC induction, lightning strikes and other electrical phenomenon, SAE manufactures a number of unique environmentally friendly, long life products, tailored specifically to corrosion, AC mitigation and grounding challenges.

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Schneider Electric

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Schneider Electric /
Power Logic/ION

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SNC Manufacturing

SNC RESTORE-LITE temporary power restoration and Current Balancing Transformer (CBT) Stray Voltage Control provide utilities with the tools needed to favorably impact both operations and customer satisfaction.

SNC RESTORE-LITE™ temporary power restoration systems allow utilities to restore power to homes and businesses within minutes and then schedule permanent repairs during regular hours at a time convenient to both the utility and the customer.

SNC CBT Stray Voltage Control provides an electric power utility with a safe and effective tool for mitigating stray voltage and currents in a grounding system that can return 98% of the current on the neutral.

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TE Connectivity / Raychem

TE Connectivity offers a wide range of reliable and cost-effective products for the electrical power industry. Our position as a leading supplier of electrical components enables us to design next-generation products for the harshest environments. For over 60 years, we have worked closely with our customers around the globe to develop innovative solutions to ever-changing challenges, known under product families such as AXICOM, ALR, AMP, Bowthorpe EMP, Crompton Instruments, Guro, Raychem, SIMEL and Utilux.

TE's Raychem, originally located in Menlo Park, California, was the first company to develop products using the new area of science called "radiation chemistry". The founder, electrical engineer Paul Cook discovered the process of cross-linking would allow the material to be heated, expanded and cooled, and then be reheated to its original size for superior insulation and protection. This resulted in the introduction of heat shrink tubing. A multitude of Raychem products were engineered and produced and have performed in the field for 30 years and counting. 

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Tech Products

Tech Products, Inc. is your global source for quality identification products to the utility and OEM market since 1948 including, Everlast pole tags, Fasttag Cable Markers, Tech-3D Embossed metal nameplates and transformer labels.  We were the first to manufacture many of the products in use today but are most proud of our newest product, Everlast®. This is a unique system to mark your distribution and transmission system. The system has been tested by UL® to not fade for over 40 years. It has also been field tested since 1989. Using the Everlast® technology we have made signs that are being used on the Alaskan pipeline and on Tucson Electric power’s transmission towers. This product has continually proved it will not fade saving you a great deal of labor and cost by not having to replace signs tags and markers.


Founded in 1962, Trayer Engineering Corporation is a pioneer in the design and manufacture of low-maintenance vacuum switchgear for electrical distribution systems. Trayer proudly manufactures low-maintenance vacuum switchgear of the highest caliber, designed to thrive in the most challenging circumstances. Every submersible, padmount or vaultmount product is backed by over 55 years of leading innovation in design and manufacturing. Low maintenance designs increase system reliability and reduce operational costs year after year for the life of the product which makes Trayer Switchgear the best value solution in the industry. Built to last, Trayer stands alone in its commitment to excellence in design, quality workmanship, dependability and unparalleled customer service. Whether you are installing a SmartGrid or SCADA system, Automatic Transfer System, or just preparing for the future, Trayer provides the safest, longest lasting, field-proven, low-maintenance switchgear designs.


Varentec provides products and solutions that achieve smarter power delivery for its customers. Funded by Bill Gates, 3M, and Khosla Ventures, Varentec is also the recipient of support from the Department of Energy.  Smart power delivery means thinking out of the box, taking new approaches, and breaking old barriers. High performance at a lower cost, more compact and greater versatility – in solution design, Varentec does not believe that innovation must carry a large cost increase. Smart power delivery, providing better control, more granular control, faster control, and more intelligent control – this is the mission of Varentec. By taking bold new approaches and simplifying the approach to age old problems, Varentec offers better performance at a lower total cost of ownership, and a faster return on investment.

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Youngstown Gloves

Youngstown Glove Company, founded in 2002, builds high performance gloves for customers worldwide with a focus on quality, innovation and superior service. Today we offer over 40 glove styles that exceed the demanding needs of professional workers. Every Youngstown style that is developed goes through extensive testing - both in the laboratory and in the field - prior to making it to our customers. Our thorough testing, proven patterns, innovative materials and meticulous quality control methods ensure that Youngstown is truly #1 in Durability.



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