Included Modules

You can always turn on any Freedom CMS Module at any time, but here are the ones that are turned on automatically when installing this theme:


The Blog Module lets you create and maintain a full-featured blog on an Accrisoft Freedom site. Providing an intuitive interface, this module allows your clients to create and maintain a blog, complete with text, graphics and video.

Freedom's blogging platform includes tagging, the ability to create tag clouds, commenting, permalinks, RSS and voting. It also integrates with Facebook, so users can comment using their Facebook profiles.


The Commerce Module turns any website into a virtual storefront, allowing you to sell items directly to customers and complete the entire transaction from within Accrisoft Freedom. Commerce integrates with other Accrisoft Freedom modules to store orders, tax rates, payment statuses and customer information.

Commerce lets you set up shipping rate tables or import them directly. It works with the Payments Module to process credit card payments automatically through a payment gateway.


The Events Module lets users post a series of events and activities to the site and easily manage them so visitors can view this information. Events can be displayed on the website as a list of upcoming events, or as an interactive calendar which lets visitors browse through each month or click on a certain day to view the events which will occur. Your clients can easily add, edit or delete specific event information, and the events list will update in real-time on the website.

The Events Module adds significant value to Freedom websites, allowing these sites to provide information and reminders about key upcoming events. Sites can also provide lists of upcoming events which are ordered chronologically and automatically updated when new events are added to the system. When clicking on a specific event, site visitors can view specific information about the event including date, time and notes, and can even RSVP online or purchase tickets, integrating with Accrisoft Freedom's commerce tools.

A typical configuration of the Events module on Freedom sites involves a calendar and a lister on the homepage, as well as a complete list of events on an interior page. The calendar will display the current month, with dates that contain events in bold. Visitors can click on a date to see all of the events for that day, or click to view the "Month at a Glance" feature, which brings up a larger version of the calendar and displays all of the events for the month. The lister on the homepage often displays 3-5 upcoming events, ordered by how soon they will take place. A link allows visitors to view a list of all upcoming events, or only those of a certain category.

Anyone in the company can add events to the site without knowledge of programming or HTML. Events are added using Accrisoft Freedom's easy-to-use WYSIWYG text editor.


The FAQs Module lets you create a list of frequently-asked questions and answers on an Accrisoft Freedom website. This is a useful feature for many sites, because FAQs provide answers the most commonly-asked questions, saving valuable time for your support staff.

Chances are, most of the questions that customers or visitors to your site will ask have already been asked multiple times by other visitors. FAQ pages encourage users to look for their answers in the FAQ list rather than immediately contacting support. This saves your support staff for unique questions that can't easily be answered, or haven't been asked before.

This module generates a page with the frequently asked questions listed at the top. When a visitor clicks on a question, his/her browser window is automatically scrolled down to the section of the page which lists the answer. The FAQs module sorts FAQ lists in categories. This lets you create separate FAQs for the same site. For example, you could create a category for Sales and a category for Customer Support. As you add different FAQ questions and answers to the site, you can categorize them to appear in either the Sales FAQ or the Customer Support FAQ.


The Forms Module is one of the most powerful modules in the Accrisoft system, because it allows you to collect information from site visitors in an unlimited number of ways.

Accrisoft Freedom's Forms Wizard makes it easy for even the least technical user to add form fields of a variety of types, including text fields, selectable lists, radio buttons and check boxes.

Once a visitor completes a form, your clients can view the submitted information in the Forms Module. You can also set up notifications to be sent to an administrator that a form has been submitted, as well as confirmation emails to the person who filled out the form.


The Membership Module was created to meet the challenges faced by membership-based organizations. This module allows users to enhance member relations, grow sales, track member activity and streamline management. Every aspect of member relations is streamlined, using predefined criteria for profiling, allowing for controlling and restricting access to various sections of the website, automating form completion, streamlining processes and creating special membership groups. These features make it easy for an organization to manage its membership base and financial resources.

With the Membership module, it's possible to create and set website access levels and groups based on member profiles. With the defined profile, authorized members and staff can log in to view or access restricted areas of the site. Different levels of access rights determine access to specific web pages, forms, products, offers or other modules or categories. These features allow administrators to offer different levels of value to different membership levels.

Collecting and maintaining customer information is a critical but time-consuming part of day-to-day operations for many companies. The Membership module makes this process much easier by managing member's contract, account and billing information, as well as other personal information, or metadata, such as name, address, personal information, email, documents and date- and time-stamped notes. Additionally, members can log into the site and update the profiles linked to their accounts along with contact and billing information. This keeps profiles up-to-date and improves understanding of a member base, allowing an organization to better serve its members and target offers and personalized communications.

To streamline management and enhance member service, members can be granted their own MyAccount accounts—access to a personalized backroom where they can log in and update personal information like address, credit card and ecommerce order history. Members can view and modify information displayed on the live website, including event listings and job proposals. This feature makes entering and updating personal information quicker and easier for members, ensuring more up-to-date member data.

To request membership, non-members can simply complete a registration form to set up and account via the website. These members can be set to be added to a special group or require approval. By making it easy and automatic to recruit new members, an organization can increase its membership revenues while retaining control over who becomes a member.

Membership has its privileges, and when it comes to organizing events, this feature lets an organization reward its members with members-only pricing. Websites offering tickets for an event can set different prices for members and non-members. This feature not only improves member retention and loyalty, it helps drive attendance to events and track this attendance for future event planning and logistics.

One of the premiere advantages of Accrisoft Freedom membership management is being able to send out email communications to membership groups based on customized criteria. Information can be sent out to a combination of a newsletter distribution list, email and member addresses, leveraging customer data to target programs, promotions and offers based on knowledge of members’ personal preferences.

With an interface to Accrisoft e-commerce capabilities, an organization can set up a website to require visitors to log in before making purchases. Once logged in, data collection fields are automatically populated with members’ personal information when placing orders. This not only makes it fast and easy for members to complete and submit orders, it eliminates the need to reenter data each time an order is placed, providing another way to increase revenue beyond membership dues. To track activity, members can log into their accounts to view a history of all orders placed. An option is available that allows site visitors to use the virtual shopping cart but requires a login for placing an order, which allows visitors to sign up for an account at this stage in the checkout process.

Keeping track of member actions has never been so easy. Organizations can track members’ form submissions and e-commerce activity that have taken place while logged into the site. Analyzing these statistics enables organizations to quantify the value of the membership module to the website, track program success and optimize the outcome of future programs, promotions and pricing models.

A seamless interface with the Accrisoft Freedom billing module allows members to log into their accounts to view statements and balances and make online payments, automating the billing and collection process. This allows for faster revenue collection.


The Menus Module allows users to create and maintain navigational menus on an Accrisoft Freedom website. Virtually every site has some form of menus, and navigating menus is the primary way visitors access information on websites.

This module makes it easy for anyone to add, edit, and delete menu items on each menu that has already been created. Accrisoft Freedom Providers can determine which menus are accessible to the client to modify.


The News Articles module turns a website into a news resource, allowing users to add breaking news, press releases or information, listed on the site in a huge variety of ways. These articles can include pictures, HTML formatting and other media, and when new articles are added to the site they replace older ones, so a site always displays the newest articles first.

News articles can have future release dates set, and the system will display the news article on the day specified. This allows users to add news days, weeks or months before it's scheduled to appear.

News articles are an important part of many sites, allowing a company to communicate important information to its visitors. Many sites have a list of the newest articles on the homepage with links for reading more, as well as an Archive section that contains all past news articles.

Photo Albums

The Photo Album Module lets your clients add groups of pictures to their website and organize them into collections of albums.

Photo albums are one of the most requested features of a website because they add a personal touch and are popular with visitors. Accrisoft Freedom's Photo Album Module makes adding and modifying photos and albums a breeze. Even your least technically-inclined clients will have no problem creating albums and managing them by themselves.

Web Pages

The Web Pages Module lets users create and edit the static pages on a website. For example Web Pages might be used to create a web page that describes the history of an organization or the company's mission statement.

The Web Pages Module uses a powerful yet intuitive WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, allowing users of all technical abilities to add pictures, links, text formatting, video to the page. Users with knowledge of HTML can add more complex formatting if they wish.

In Accrisoft Freedom, web pages are pages created by the Web Pages Module, and feature static content. This is not the same as news articles, events, blogs or other content that would appear on a website.