PowerLines June 2015

Published Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Schneider Electric Arc Terminator™  Active Arc-Resistant Switchgear 

Convert Your Old MV Switchgear to Arc Resistant without Replacing It

Now, you can easily retrofit your existing switchgear to be Arc resistant per IEEE C37.20.7 (accessibility up to type 2BC). The Arc Terminator™ Active Arc-Resistant Switchgear from Schneider Electric increases safety and productivity by extinguishing internal arcing faults within the switchgear. With the Arc Terminator, you will also:

  • Protect your personnel (even when the door is open--unlike the Arc Resistant gear)
  • Lower incident energy
  • Minimize or eliminate equipment damage
  • Eliminate special requirements for buildings or plenums
  • Reduce operating downtime ...all while saving you money!

Receive your IEEE whitepaper to learn more about controlling and reducing the hazards of internal arcing faults in your medium-voltage switchgear.


New Schneider Electric Meters offer Superior Accuracy, Enhanced Power Quality Functionality

Read about Schneider Electric's newest addition to the PowerLogic portfolio of power and energy meters. Capabilities once reserved for more advanced meters now come standard in the PowerLogic PM8000 series, allowing it to deliver superior revenue accuracy, as well as power quality compliance and analysis ideal for industrial and critical power facilities as well as electric utility feeder meter applications.

Click on the link for more information on this meter. 


American Polywater SPW Solar Panel Wash 

Polywater has introduced a new package option for SPW Solar Panel Wash, catalog #SPW-35HS. The unique feature of the SPW-35HS is its integral hose attachment sprayer. This special dispensing device attaches directly to a standard garden hose for inline spraying of the solar panels. The spray head is adjustable from a flat spray to a targeted stream that delivers liquid up to 20 feet. A handy selector switch atop the unit allows for two spray settings, one for water only, and the other for applying a diluted mixture of water and concentrated SPW solution. The SPW-35HS can be refilled from larger bulk containers and reused for greater economy. 

TE Connectivity Raychem GelPort Submersible Secondary Connectors

TE Connectivity’s Raychem GelPort submersible secondary connectors have clearly raised the bar for easy connections.  The new clear view back allows easy, positive visual indication of wire position inside the connector. No more questioning if connections are secure, even years after installation.

Like the rest of the GelPort connectors, the clear view back is UV stable and suitable for overhead use.  No boots to trim, no loose parts to scatter, and no corrosion. The gel-filled ports and covers deliver lasting performance even under water.

View the video  here


Tech Products, Inc. Embossed Label Holder

They are in the forefront of the utilities needs for identification.

Tech Products, Inc. has changed the way they mark energized cable forever. Using their patented Tech-3D embossing technology and utilizing a great clamping product from Sweden, they have come up with the best way to mark cable.

To quickly and easily identify their cable and splices you will first add some adhesive labels to their embossed label holder. Using a hot stick, attach the clamp and identifying numbers to the electrical cable. National Grid is using the system today and it has been revolutionizing the way they mark their cable. 

 If you would like more information on this product, please contact Powertech Associates at 860-678-8772.