PowerLines July 2016

Published Monday, August 1, 2016

Ripley Introduces NEW Clamps and Cable Cutters

Our QC-2 Clamp (part # 43970)  is a lightweight and convenient solution for use as a stop for jacket stripping tools.  The QC-2 offers a useful Ratchet for handle relocation in the desired position.  It also works as a convenient clamp for other applications.  

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Our second addition is the SCS-C Clamp which is a light duty clamp designed to work with our SCS, BP1A and BP2A scoring tools as a stop to ensure a perfectly square cut. (Part # 43965)  

Our third addition is our CCP Coax Cable Cutter that is designed to cut PVC/poly pipe, coax (braided smooth-corrugated), conduit, innerduct, tubing and hose. (Part # 42940) 

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Bierer Meters Online Catalog Introduces New Products

Bierer Meters has a new catalog. Check it out here.  

Take a look at the new 3 Phase ID Transmitter and new section on Jumper and Grounding Assemblies along with Pole guards and Bushing Guards.

 Richards Manufacturing Next Generation Deadbreak Elbow Eliminates Adapters

“Cold Shrink Hammerhead: Our traditional Deadbreak Elbow is engineered to exceed industry standards and has proven itself in the toughest environments. We've taken this industry-leading design and given it a game-changing transformation. The CSH is the next generation Deadbreak Elbow. This range-taking, 3-in-1 design eliminates the need for a cable adapter and separate seal kit to provide the ultimate in simplicity and reliability.”

Watch the demonstration on YouTube HERE.

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Polywater Sets Trend with Burst Pack Technology

A lot of excitement has built at Polywater for the release of some great new products that have super potential. Over the last year, Polywater's trend-setting R&D Department explored the use and functionality of Burst-Pack Technology with our expanding-foam sealants. We are now pleased to announce that PF-2 (PedFloor Sealant Barrier) and FSTBP-200 (FST Duct Sealant) are available to full effect. 

For those not familiar with burst-pack technology, our packs are divided into two compartments and have a built-in dispensing nozzle on one end. One compartment contains "Part A " and the other holds "Part B" of our foaming sealants. These two compartments are divided by the primary burst seal. Simply roll up the end of the burst pack until the primary burst seal breaks and "Part A" and "Part B" will meet for the first time. The two parts of the foam are then easily and thoroughly mixed within by kneading the flexible pack. Once mixed, the secondary burst seal is then broken and the foam is dispensed right out of the nozzle. The burst pack's functionality and ease of use make it very effective and efficient in the field.

Youngstown Glove Offers Performance Work Gloves In New Catalog

Founded in 2002, Youngstown Glove company is unwavering in their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.  Today they offer nearly 40 performance work glove styles that exceed the demanding needs of working professionals.  Every Youngstown style that is developed goes through extensive testing - both in the laboratory and in the field - prior to making it to customers.  Thorough testing, proven patterns, innovative materials and meticulous quality control methods ensure that Youngstown is truly #1 in Durability.

Take a look at their NEW Catalog.  

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Schneider Electric Easergy T300 for Grid Automation

Learn about Schneider Electric’s newest range of products that includes solutions for electrical protection, control, and monitoring in a wide range of applications. The new offer comprises Easergy P5, a highly reliable protection relay series, and Easergy T300, an innovative feeder automation device. Learn more by clicking here.


Have you seen the ION7400 Feeder Meter?

Check out the key features and benefits of Schneider Electric’s new ION7400 Feeder Meter. Watch now.


Trends in Distribution Automation Webinar

Understand how distribution systems are evolving, the drivers of that evolution, and the technical and operating scenarios being introduced to support it by joining this pre-recorded webinar.

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