TE Connectivity's NEW Cold Shrink Joint for Underground Residential Distribution

Published Tuesday, April 17, 2018
TE Connectivity’s (TE) Raychem CSJU provides a superior cold applied solution to splice jacketed concentric neutral URD (Underground Residential Distribution) cables. The range of the CSJU extends 15 kV #2 - 4/0 AWG and 25 kV #1 - 2/0 AWG.
The silicone rubber body provides high dielectric strength, high tear strength, low tension set, and excellent low temperature recovery. Integrated geometric stress control, created by factory molded stress cones and a Faraday cage, is a technology that has been proven by TE’s Raychem products with long term field service.
The CSJU’s unique pass through tube design provides a simple means for connecting the concentric neutrals internal to the splice, under the outer EPDM rejacketing sleeve. The joint accepts both compression and (bolted)
mechanical connectors. When a shear bolt connector is used, this is a totally crimpless system.
The CSJU meets IEEE-404 requirements for 15 kV through 25 kV. Each silicone splice body is factory tested to include AC withstand and partial discharge in accordance with IEEE-404 production tests. All TE shear bolt and compression connectors offered with the CSJU meet the ANSI C119.4 electrical standard.
Key Features:
• Easy release spiral holdout.
• Pre-expanded, single piece silicone rubber joint body with high mechanical expansion capability allows a wide application range.
• Pre-expanded EPDM rejacketing sleeve provides superior moisture and environmental sealing.
• All-in-One design is compact and requires less working space (trench) to install.
• Option to includerange-taking aluminum ShearBolt or aluminum compression splice

Click here for the CJSU data sheet.
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