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Powertech Associates and Utility Power Supply offer the latest products and solutions available in the Utility Industry. Since its inception in 1992, Powertech has provided products for Underground and Overhead Distribution, Substations, Metering, Testing and Transmission. We are committed to meet the needs of our customers through quality product solutions and proven customer service.

Polywater UPR Pole Repair


Woodpecker Hole Repair

Polywater® UPR™ Pole Repair 

Polywater® UPR™ Pole Repair makes repairing single or multiple holes caused by woodpeckers on wood utility poles easy. The two-part formula is mixed in the nozzle. The product is easily injected into the hole through the 8” nozzle. A partially used cartridge can be resealed and used again by attaching a new nozzle.

The UPR™ Pole Repair resin and hardener were specially formulated to expand in the pole cavity rather than just filling it. Because UPR™ Pole Repair expands in the hole, it fills irregularly shaped cavities for solid integration with the wood. This creates superior adhesion to the wood grain compared to other non-expanding products.

UPR™ Pole Repair hardens just like wood so it is gaffable and won’t chip out in chunks when climber’s hooks are embedded into its surface structure.

UPR™ is packaged in kit form. Everything needed to repair damage to wood poles caused by woodpeckers is included.

  • Buy a single kit that repairs one hole – less waste
  • No drilling to deploy the product – less labor time
  • Kits include green-treated wood blocks – less product needed
  • No mixing or direct handling of the product – less mess
  • No special deployment tools needed – less expensive
  • Resealable cartridge – less waste

To fix one “football” sized hole on a pole order the UPR-PRKIT3 to save money!

For multiple holes, transmission line jobs, or volume pricing order UPR-PRKIT12.


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