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Powertech Associates and Utility Power Supply offer the latest products and solutions available in the Utility Industry. Since its inception in 1992, Powertech has provided products for Underground and Overhead Distribution, Substations, Metering, Testing and Transmission. We are committed to meet the needs of our customers through quality product solutions and proven customer service.

TE's Raychem Cold Shrink Termination

One-Piece Cold Applied Terminations


TE Connectivity

Cold Shrink Termination (CST)

Cold Shrink Termination (CST)


TE offers a comprehensive line of medium voltage cold shrink cable accessories providing a "total solution." The inventors of heat shrink have developed world-class cold applied products for applications where heat shrink is not preferred. Now introducing the Raychem Cold Shrink Termination (CST).

Raychem Cold Shrink Cable Accessories

TE extends beyond heat shrink technology to offer a complete range of medium voltage cold-applied cable accessories for use with virtually every cable type and size. TE's total solution of in-line splices, disconnectable splices, trifurcating and transition splices are built for simplicity, reliability and performance. 

Introducing TE's Raychem Cold Shrink Termination (CST)

One-Piece Cold Applied Terminations for Applications Up to 28 kV

TE is proud to announce the latest addition to the Total Solution cold shrink product offering - CST.  CST is a one-piece termination with integrated stress control and void-filling mastic.  A long-neck version (CST-L) is available to accomodate the use of shearbolt connectors without additional taping. 

Available with compression pin terminals and ASBT ShearBolt terminal connectors.  Other accessories available include breakout boots, rejacketing sleeves, and brackets.

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Raptor Cover System

Reliably Protect Systems and Wildlife

Raptor Cover System

TE's Wildlife and Asset Protection Raptor Cover System provide protection against the interaction of raptor birds with medium voltage distribution lines. See how easy the BCIC Raptor Cover and the BCAC Arm Extension can be

Reliably Protect Systems and Wildlife

Only products made from the right materials will prevent power disruptions from wildlife damage while also protecting the wildlife which would otherwise be harmed.

In the end, it is the material science aspect of the product that will determine its effectiveness and life span in the harsh outdoor environment. Tyco Electronics understand what it takes to survive in a medium voltage application, outside, for an extended period of time.

Four Areas of Importance

The key areas for raptor cover material are:

  • Tracking and Erosion (TERT)
  • UV Stability and Chemical Resistance
  • Electrical Withstand
  • Thermal Endurance

More Information on BCIC Raptor Cover and the BCAC Arm Extension


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