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Powertech Associates is a manufacturers' rep agency that offers the latest products and solutions available in the electric utility industry.  We are committed to meet the needs of our customers through quality product solutions and proven customer service.

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Utility Power Supply Company is the distribution arm for Powertech Associates. We have a warehouse located in Farmington, CT where we have local stock for several of the manufacturers that we represent. Look for the Quick Ship icon on the line card for a list of manufacturers' that we distribute for.

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Utility Market Source is the official Powertech Associates Blog featuring the latest product news from all of our manufacturers.
March 9, 2022

Create strong, watertight and airtight bonds with HDPE and Fiberglass conduit by using Polywater's BonDuit® Conduit Adhesive

, Polywater's Bonduit Conduit adhesive is an effective and efficient way to keep your conduit fittings securely attached while creating a complete seal. The easy to apply formula can be applied in seconds and sets in minutes to save installation time and overall labor costs.
January 28, 2022

ConduDISC Flex Corrosion Proof Ground Plate...now with more FLEXIBILITY!

Launching soon... SAE Inc.'s NEW ConduDisc Flex. Giving you more FLEXIBILITY for your grounding connections.
January 13, 2022

All sticks are not created equal! Get the "Better Stick" with Utility Soution's full line of fiberglass hot sticks

Fiberglass hot sticks are a lineman's best friend. They allow safe contact with energized equipment because of their insulating ability. However, all sticks are not created equal. Utility Solution's BLUE STRIPE® Fiberglass Hot Stick line is the latest evolution in sticks, in which they have i


March 24, 2022

Use ProForma Marketing Essentials for your next safety meeting, project or employee recognition program

If you’re considering having a safety meeting, a project or program kickoff meeting or just want to have an event that celebrates your team, Proforma can help you with a variety of ideas that will make your event or program memorable.
February 16, 2021

SATEC Inc. and Powertech Associates Form Sales Partnership

SATE Inc., a global leader in the research, development and manufacturing of energy management solutions announced today that it has partnered with Connecticut-based Powertech Associates to strengthen its presence in the U.S. market. Powertech Associates will become an authorized rep for SATEC.
February 11, 2021

Learn how Trystar can cover all of your power distribution needs

Learn more about Trystar's power distribution products during a brief 30 minute webinar hosted on Wednesday, February 24th from 11:30-12:00 p.m.

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