PowerLines Newsletter

PowerLines March 2024

April 2, 2024

In this issue:

·       How Micatu's Utility Partner Gained Substation Monitoring At Less Than 50% The Traditional Cost

·       SNC Manufacturing's Personal Grounds Tester

·        Polywater FAQ- Expanding Foam Duct and Conduit Sealing Applications

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PowerLines December 2023

December 15, 2023

In this issue:

·        TE Connectivity Raychem Plug-In Terminations (RPIT)

·       Introducing the NEW LOAD-RANGER® FLEX-LT™ from Utility Solutions, Inc.

·        SAE Inc.'s SAE Engineered Grounding Design Services

·        The Importance of Pull Direction in Cable Installation and the Role of Bends from Polywater

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PowerLines September 2023

September 13, 2023

In this issue:

·        How To Seal A Leaking Oil-Filled Transformer from Polywater

·        ConduDisc Grounding System from SAE Inc.

·        TE Connectivity’s Project Management Services Ensure That Your Underground Installation is Successfully Done

·        Outfit your entire crew with the Hard Hat Sticker Kit from Advanced Visibility

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PowerLines June 2023

June 20, 2023

In this issue:

·Richards Manufacturing Company's Disconnectable Joint Rack Arm Saddle

·Polywater's Total Cost of Ownership: Tools for Your Future

·SAE Inc.'s Conducrete

·TE Connectivity's V0+ material for their Animal Mitigation Covers

·Youngstown Glove Co., LLC's Expertex® Hybrid Primary Protector...Coming Soon!

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PowerLines March 2023

March 16, 2023

In this issue:

· Why DIY Store Foams Fail to Seal Conduits from Polywater

· NEW ConduRod from SAE Inc.

· SNC Manufacturing Co., Inc.'s Insulation Resistance Tester

· SATEC's Phasor Measurement Unit

· Utility Solutions, Inc.'s NEW Rex Clamp

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PowerLines December 2022

December 22, 2022

In this issue:

·        Introducing The Rope Guru LLC's Rope Solutions for Applications Specific to Electrical Utility Industry 

·        TE Connectivity's Viper Cover-Up Solutions

·        SNC Manufacturing Co., Inc.'s Phase Rotation Detector

·        Creative Composites Group's StormStrong® Utility Poles

·        Richards Manufacturing Company's PROLink

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PowerLines September 2022

September 23, 2022

In this issue:

·        Utility Solutions' Grounds-Trainer

·        Tech Products EVERLAST GroundMarkers

·        SNC Manufacturing’s Clamp-On Ground Resistance Tester (P81001)

·        Advanced Visibility’s GlowGuard Tape

·        Richards Manufacturing’s PROLink

·        SAE Inc’s ConduWire

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PowerLines June 2022

June 20, 2022

In this issue:

·        Helping to power up our utility customers for 30 years

·        NOW AVAILABLE! Safety Lime FR Mechanics Hybrid Glove from Youngstown Gloves

·        Polywater Duct Seals Prevent Ruinous Water Damage

·        EMSPEC’s Vertical Break Disconnector

·        Ripley Tools breaks the mold with the launch of innovative US16 Cable Jacket Stripper

·        Power Design Enclosure Extends Battery Life for Major IOU

·        NEW Temporary Protective Grounding System (TPG) from SAE Inc.

·        Deadbreak Elbow Extension Adapter from Richards Manufacturing

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PowerLines March 2022

March 17, 2022

In this issue:

• Utility Solution's BLUE STRIPE® Shotgun Sticks

• SAE Inc's NEW ConduDisc Flex

• Youngstown Glove's FR Safety Lime Mechanics Hybrid Glove...COMING SOON!

• TE Connectivity's AMPACT BAT Bolt Actuated Tap Connector

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PowerLines December 2021

December 28, 2021

In this issue:

• ConduDisc from SAE Inc.

• NEW FR Fleece Ground Glove from Youngstown Gloves

• TE Connectivity's Field Service Solutions Across North America

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PowerLines September 2021

September 17, 2021

In this issue:

• TE Connectivity's CSJU (Cold Shrink Joint for URD Cables)

• Get Ready for Winter with Tech Products, Inc.'s Snow Poles

• Travis UGD's NEW Truck Tool Holder: A Better Place to Store Your Tools

• Polywater's Bonduit Conduit Adhesive: A Strong, Watertight, and Airtight Adhesive for HDPE Conduit

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PowerLines June 2021

June 22, 2021

In this issue:

• Polywater's Solar Power Products

• Trystar's Triple Breaker Docking Station Application

• SAE Inc. Conducrete Installation at National Grid substation

• Youngstown Glove Co., LLC's NEW CR4 and CR4 Hybrid Gloves

• Richards Manufacturing Company's CSH Series Cold Shrink Hammerhead- now in 35 kV!

• Schneider Electric's Modernization Solutions in East Haven, CT- Switchgear Refurb Case Study

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PowerLines March 2021

March 26, 2021

In this issue:

• Polywater Cleaners Sample Offer

• Introduction to Trystar Webinar: Portable & Industrial Power Solutions

• Advanced Visibility USA's NEW Class 3 Safety Vests

• SATEC's Pro Series Advanced Power Meters

• Micatu, Inc.'s Optical Sensing Offers A Safer Way To Measure The Grid

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PowerLines December 2020

December 16, 2020

In this issue:

• Polywater's® AFT and FST Foam Sealant Sample Offer

• Trystar's Manual Transfer Switch

• TE Connectivity's GIS Terminations

• BTECH's S5 Battery Monitoring System

• Ripley Tool's Two New Tools- US07 and US10

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PowerLines September 2020

September 17, 2020

In this issue:

• Polywater's® UPR™Utility Wood Pole Repair Sample Offer

Youngstown Glove Co.  Winter Gloves

• TE Connectivity's CSTO

• SNC Manufacturing's Restore Lite Temporary Power Restoration

Travis UGD's Meter Base Ground Adapter

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PowerLines June 2020

June 19, 2020

In this issue:

• Powertech Associates Launches New Website

• Travis Pattern & Foundry and Utility Power Supply Company Form Distribution Partnership

• TE Connectivity's NEW Shearbolt Pin Terminals for Terminations

• SAE Inc.'s High-Performance Grounding for Power Systems

• Power Design Enclosure Extends Battery Life for Major IOU

• Join Schneider Electric for their Summer Series Digital Learning Webinars

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PowerLines March 2020

March 27, 2020

In this issue:

• Red Phase Instruments & Powertech Associates Form Sales Partnership

• Advanced Visibility USA's Hard Hat Glowing Logo Package

• Youngstown Glove Co., LLC's NEW and Improved FR Rain Glove Lined with Kevlar

• BTECH Inc's Enterprise Toolkit Augments the Battery Validation Manager (BVM) Software Suite and Provides for the Creation of NERC Maintenance Reports

• Polywater & Hauff-Technik introduces mechanical sealant line in the U.S.

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PowerLines December 2019

December 20, 2019

In this issue:

• EMSPEC's Demo Trailer is Coming to Town!

• Winterize Your Winter Gloves with Youngstown Glove Co., LLC FR Fleece Liner with Polartec®

• Polywater's AFT: A Superior Way To Seal Conduits

•  Protect Against This Pesky Problem with a FREE Substation Evaluation from TE Connectivity

•  Instantaneous Overcurrent (IOC) Mode in the Communicating ETI MNPR® from Richards Manufacturing Company

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