Orion and Powertech Associates/UPSC Form Sales Partnership

September 6, 2023

Orion, an industry leader in the manufacturer of premium quality electrical safety rubber equipment such as gloves, sleeves and blankets, announced today that it has partnered with Connecticut-based rep agency Powertech Associates to further strengthen its presence in the U.S. market. Utility Power Supply Company will also become an authorized distributor for Orion throughout New England and New York State.

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About Orion

Orion was founded in the city of São Paulo back in 1898, in a small warehouse on Rua Paula Souza, where it manufactured horn combs. Its founder, a German named Wild, sold his products door to door. Afterwards, the company started to manufacture busks and buttons.

 At the beginning of the 20th century, due to the lack of machine and tool industries, Orion manufactured its own machines and tools necessary for the production of its parts. What kept it for many years as the best existing tool park in the country, essential to accelerate the implementation of the Brazilian automobile industry.

 With its growth, it was decisive in the supply of rubber parts necessary for the implementation of the main industrial segments in Brazil: Automotive, Steel, Petrochemical, Nuclear and Aeronautical.

Orion is proud to have formed great collaborators, many of whom started their own companies and continue to sow this seed. Present from the beginning of industrialization in Brazil to the present day, we operate with the same principles that motivated our founders and inspire new and future generations.


Rubber Insulating Gloves

Rubber Insulating Blankets

Rubber Insulating Sleeves

Transparent Rubber Insulating Blanket



About Powertech Associates
Powertech Associates and Utility Power Supply Company offer the latest products and solutions available in the Utility Industry. Since its inception in 1992, Powertech has provided products for Underground and Overhead  Distribution, Substations, Metering, Testing and Transmission. We are committed to meet the needs of our customers through quality product solutions and proven customer service.


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