Advanced Visibility GlowGuard Class 3 Safety Vest Now Available in FR Mesh

May 23, 2024

The GlowGuard Class 3 Safety Vest from Advanced Visibility is now available in FR Mesh, in addition to the Featherweight HRC2 solid FR fabric.

Introducing a safety vest that is breathable, lightweight, and moisture-wicking without the fuss! A safety garment you can forget you're wearing. After extensive testing in the harshest environments, GlowGuard delivers high visibility you can count on in all environments.

The ANSI-107 certified safety vests are equipped with retro-reflective tape and our patented glow technology, so you stay safe with and without direct light.

GlowGuard is not your average glow-in-the-dark material. The industrial glow is visible in the dark up to 300ft away without batteries, wires, or bulbs.

The safety vests are ruggedly built with reinforced seams, radio loop, lanyard hole, and a breakaway zipper for 'caught by' mishaps. They are also machine washable!

Constructed of the most high-tech fabric on the market, our safety vests are inherently fire retardant and exceed FR HRC 1, 6.6 Cal requirements without the use of harmful chemicals

Experience the GlowGuard difference. See how GlowGuard compares to other leading brands below:

To request a sample, get a quote or for more information, please contact Ryan Campbell at or (860) 678-8772.