Advanced Visibility's Glowing Logos

March 13, 2019

Advanced Visibility's Glow Technology has been developed over years of technical research and advancements allowing for the development of a Strontium Nitrate based pigment along with other elements to be manipulated to achieve a performance of maximum glow intensity, extended decay time, rapid charging and superior laundry performance.

The specified formulated pigments have a high capacity for absorbing and storing light energy by allowing atoms in the pigments to absorb photon energy from an ultra violet light source. The light source can be natural daylight or artificial light. These electrons act like little batteries effectively storing light energy. The afterglow can be seen in reduced light conditions such as a dimly lit warehouse, unlit roadway, shadows of large machinery, abandoned buildings, smoky conditions etc;

Advanced Visibility has applied this unique glow technology to company logos, emblems, flags and labels for garments.  Once in low light the "glow" can help identify a worker's location (in and around moving vehicles and equipment), help to identify if a correct garment is being worn (HRC2 instead of HRC1 for example) or can help identify workers that need to enter homes (with all the scams happening, it allows a homeowner to verify workers).

For more information or a quote, please contact us at or (860) 678-8772.