All sticks are not created equal! Get the "Better Stick" with Utility Soution's full line of fiberglass hot sticks

January 13, 2022

Fiberglass hot sticks are a lineman's best friend. They allow safe contact with energized equipment because of their insulating ability. However, all sticks are not created equal. Utility Solution's BLUE STRIPE® Fiberglass Hot Stick line is the latest evolution in sticks, in which they have incorporated several advanced features that make them safe, dependable, easily maintained and lineman friendly. 

Utility Power Supply Co. is now  a proud distributor of Utility Solution's full line of fiberglass hot sticks.


Smoother Surface

Conventional fiberglass construction uses a woven matt. This creates pockets and voids where dirt and moisture can collect. Their unique non-woven fiberglass is unidirectional which creates a smoother surface. The BLUE STRIPE® Fiberglass Hot Sticks have a lineman friendly grip, stay cleaner longer, and are easier to clean and meet standards.

Epoxy Resin

The BLUE STRIPE® Fiberglass Hot Stick line uses Epoxy resin which is the most water resistant, durable, and longest lasting resin available and has superior electrical properties. Utility Solution's sticks have a very high resistance to failure due to water absorption or delamination.

High-Performance Closed Cell Foam

Tip sections and foam filled sticks offer an added measure of safety by preventing water from entering the inside. Their superior Closed Cell Foam construction is durable and long lasting; extending the safety margin.

Easy Tip Lock Replacement

Utility Solution's patent pending Easy Tip Lock Replacement feature saves time and money. Buttons can be replaced without sacrificing the entire tip section. The repair is easy enough to be done in the field so sticks stay on the job longer and repair costs go down.

BLUE STRIPE® Patented Alignment Feature

The most revolutionary design change to hot sticks since fiberglass has to be Utility Solution's patented BLUE STRIPE® alignment feature. Extending even our 50 footer is easy with this ingenious button alignment feature.

CNC Machined Buttons & Spline Ends

The most vulnerable parts of any stick are the spring loaded plastic buttons or the cast spline ends. Molded and cast parts can be less expensive to produce, but are often less durable. Utility Solutions machines each button and aluminum spline end out of solid material.

Approved and In Stock

Utility Solution's BLUE STRIPE® Fiberglass Hot Sticks meet all applicable industry standards, including OSHA Sub V Sec. 1926.951(d) and ASTM F1826. Their U.S. production capabilities are able to stay ahead of demand so we always have your next stick in stock.

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 For more information or a quote on any of Utility Solution's fiberglass hot sticks or other products, please reach out  to Ryan Campbell at or(860) 678-8772.