Create strong, watertight and airtight bonds with HDPE and Fiberglass conduit by using Polywater's BonDuit® Conduit Adhesive

March 9, 2022

Whether you are having trouble sourcing PVC conduits and mechanical couplings or have adopted the use of HDPE conduit for its lower labor cost and advantages for construction, Polywater's Bonduit Conduit adhesive is an effective and efficient way to keep your conduit fittings securely attached while creating a complete seal. It can be applied in seconds and sets in minutes to save installation time and overall labor costs.

Polywater® BonDuit® joins polyethylene duct (PE pipe) to PVC, fiberglass, or metal conduits. It is a superior, easy-to-apply alternative to joining conduits with mechanical couplings. The rapid-cure, two part resin adhesive forms a strong watertight and airtight seal and delivers a durable bond that can withstand movement and vibration. It is ideal for installation along roadsides or near electrical equipment like transformers or switchgear.

Features and Benefits:


• Bonds HDPE to PVC, rigid steel, fiberglass conduits, and fittings and transition couplings


• Stronger pullout strength than most mechanical couplings


• Bonds with high strength within an hour and requires no special training


• Less expensive than mechanical couplings


• Both kits contains all application components required for a quick installation


• Chemically resistant to salt water, alkaline soap solutions, mineral spirits, and oil

PE to Steel, PE to PE and PE to Fiberglass Applications

Specifications and Applications:

• Available in two types:  BonDuit and BonDuit® XL. BonDuit XL is an excellent option for 3-inch (75 mm) conduits and larger. It helps meet the NEC code for transitioning above ground and to PVC or galvanized rigid steel. BonDuit XL can also be used as a mechanical coupling for conduit diameters higher than  5 inches (125 mm). Both types can be used for indoor and outdoor projects.

• Compliance: BonDuit and BonDuit XL are UL recognized adhesives. Both pass testing under UL Standard 746C, “Polymeric Adhesive System for Indoor and Outdoor Use with Electrical Equipment. Meets NEC 352.48, 353.48, and 355.48 for joining PVC, HDPE Polyethylene, and RTRC fiberglass conduit. Both are the perfect choice for transition from underground HDPE pipe to aboveground connections. PVC pipe cement does not bond HDPE (NEC code 353.12.1).

Need help determining the number of adhesive cartridges needed?  All you need is the number of connections and the conduit size!

Polywater BonDuit Adhesive Quantity Calculator  
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Catalog #:


• 2 adhesive cartridges

• 8 mixing nozzles

• 1 strip of sanding cloth

• 8 Type RP™ cleaning wipes (cat #RP-1)

• 1 dispensing tool


• 2 adhesive cartridges

• 8 mixing nozzles

• 1 strip of sanding cloth

• 8 Type RP™ cleaning wipes (cat #RP-1)


• Bulk package of 6 BT-KIT with 1 dispensing tool


• Bulk package of 6 BT-KIT


• 12 adhesive cartridges

• 36 mixing nozzles


• 1 BTXL 250-mL cartridge

• 5 Mixing nozzles

• 5 Pairs of gloves

• Sandpaper 24-in /  60-cm 80-grit

• 5 RP-1L

• Instructions


• 12 cartridges and static mixers


• 6 BTXL-250KIT1


• 1 dispensing tool


• 10-pack of mixing nozzle