Design Safe and Efficient Cable Pulls with Polywater's Pull-Planner™ 4.0

April 15, 2020

Polywater has just released their Pull-Planner™ 4.0 software. “Cable is expensive, so it’s important to avoid damage ofthis critical asset during installation. Engineers, specifiers, and cablemanufacturers appreciate having a predictive model to improve and documenttheir designs. That’s how we make an industry-wide impact while helping ourcustomers succeed,” says Sheri Dahlke, technical director and Pull-Planner 4.0software program manager.

Pull-Planner 4.0 can assist in:

• Estimating ending tension and sidewall pressure

• Eliminating splices

• Reducing the number of vaults and pull boxes

• Determining direction of pull

• Planning for future upgrades

• Analyzing jam probability

Checkout how this tool helps project designers estimate“coefficient of friction” andsidewall pressure: