Extend the life of any grounding system by virtually eliminating wire corrosion with SAE's ConduWire

July 27, 2022

ConduWire is an extruded, conductively coated grounding wire that dramatically extends the life of any grounding system by virtually eliminating wire corrosion.

ConduWire maintains all aspects and performance expectations from your specified conductor, while significantly improving lifespan. This ensures your grounding system functions equally well at end of the design life as it did on the day of install.

Suitable for installation in any climate, at any timeof the year. ConduWire can be installed with trenchless machinery and all wirestripping tools.

By using ConduWire as your grounding conductor compared to traditional materials used today, you will benefit from:

  • Increased life-cycle by significantly reducing electrode corrosion
  • Increased safety by ensuring grounding systems remain functioning for their design life
  • Lower overall cost by eliminating the need to replace grounding over time
  • No impact to installation by maintaining existing work methods
  • ConduWire ensures your grounding conductor will last in corrosive environments.

ConduWire is as flexible as bare wire while protecting from theft and corrosion.

Why do you need a conductive jacket?

  1. Low impedance ground wire. You can use ConduWire exactly like bare wire
  2. No corrosion, functions when you need it. Install Conduwire and forget it!
  3. No change in work methods. Easy to install; strip & connect with existing tools

Possible applications include utility pole end wraps and stove top coils. It is also suitable for substation and ground grid design applications

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