Get Ready for Winter with Tech Products' Snow Poles

November 12, 2021

Get ready for the snow this winter with Tech Products' Snow Poles. Use them to mark transformers, junction boxes, and other equipment.

They can also be used to mark the following:

•  Road snow removal

•  Culverts and Drains

•  Fire Hydrants

•  Snowmobile courses

•  Cross Country Ski courses

•  Snow Fencing

•  Walk Paths

Made from the strongest plastic polyolefins, Tech's snow poles can withstand temperatures to as low as -76 F.

Available in standard 5, 6, 8 and 10 foot lengths. Mount easily with their Nylon Tie Straps (up to 36" lengths).

Available Colors: Fluorescent Orange, Fluorescent Yellow, Fluorescent Yellow-Green ,Maintenance Orange, Yellow, Red, Blue, Green and Black.

Custom lengths and optional reflectors are also available.

Click here for the Snow Pole cut sheet.