How to Install TE Connectivity's In-Line Disconnect Switch with a Hot Stick

December 2, 2020

TE Connectivity’s (TE) AMPACT In-Line Disconnect Switch (ILD-II) combines the reliability of copper blade components and a doublestring of polymeric insulators with the AMPACT dead end yoke assembly. The result is an in-line disconnect that can be installed without the need for tensioning devices.

The proven performance of AMPACT dead end technology has been utilized in the design of the AMPACT In-Line Disconnect Switch (ILD-II).The dead-end yokes are bolted to (2) two polymeric insulators. The copper blade assembly is connected to the AMPACT dead end yoke assemblies between and below the double string of insulators. This provides adequate space for cutting the conductor after installation of the AMPACT deadend taps.

Standard AMPACT tap application procedures are used to make both electrical and mechanical connections simultaneously. The AMPACT In-Line Disconnect Switch (ILD-II) can be installed on standard stranded all aluminum conductors (AAC) or aluminum conductor steel reinforced(ACSR) in conductor sizes from #2 to 954.


·        Installation with standard AMPACT tooling

·        Quick, easy manual or hotstick application

·        Both mechanical and electrical connection madesimultaneously with the AMPACT tap.

·        No line tensioning devices required forinstallation

·        Double string of polymeric insulators preventsrolling of the switch

·        Copper disconnect blade assembly suspended belowthe insulators simplifying the cutting of conductor

Check out the video below on how to install the ILD with a hot stick: