Introducing the LOAD-RANGER® FLEX-LT™ - The Latest Breakthrough in Load Break Tools

October 9, 2023

The LOAD-RANGER® line just got even better. Introducing the revolutionary LOAD-RANGER® FLEX-LT™, the first-ever load break tool with a 180º rotating flex head. Below you will find some of the exciting new features that LOAD-RANGER® FLEX-LT™can provide.

1. Revolutionary FLEX Head with 180º Rotation:

The LOAD-RANGER® FLEX-LT™ is equipped with an innovative FLEX head that rotates180º. The first of its kind, this feature significantly reduces or eliminates most binding positions and tool stresses and offers the widest operating range available in any load break tool. 

2. Heavy-Duty, Machined Components:

The LOAD-RANGER® FLEX-LT™ is engineered using heavy-duty, machined components, making it the most robust tool Utility Solutions offers, and still weighs in a pound lighter than the competitor’s. You can trust it to provide consistent performance and longevity in the field. 

3. New Serviceability Improvements:

The LOAD-RANGER® FLEX-LT™ was designed with serviceability in mind. You can now disassemble the tool using just two tools, streamlining maintenance and reducing downtime. With easy servicing, your crew can get back to the job at hand.

Inspection & Counter Notice

As a trusted manufacturer, Utility Solutions strives to innovate and add value everywhere they can. With that in mind, they have begun equipping each LOAD-RANGER® FLEX-LT™ with an inspection reminder sticker, with a suggested inspection window of two years. In addition, they have discontinued equipping counters on standard models, however, a counter can be optionally equipped using (-C) at no additional cost. Reference the below cross-reference table for assistance on locating equivalent part numbers.

Continued Support for LOAD-RANGER® XLT

It is understood that many have come to rely on the LOAD-RANGER® XLT for its performance and reliability. The introduction of the LOAD-RANGER® FLEX-LT™ does not signal the end of the LOAD-RANGER® XLT. It will remain a part of the product offering and will continue to be available, and it will continue to be supported.

How to Order 

As part of this product release, there have been improvements made to part number nomenclature in an effort to enhance clarity when ordering. For help Cross Referencing part numbers, see the helpful chart below.