Is water causing you electrical outages? Polywater has solutions to fix them....

April 21, 2023

Installing the proper seal for wall entrances, sleeves, and conduits is critical to keeping water from causing outages.   Polywater has the right solution for you to increase system resilience and help you meet the codes.

Polywater AFT stops 11’ feet of waterhead pressure, is easy to apply, is superior to duct putty, and each can seal eleven 2” inch conduits.

Polywater FST stops 22 feet of waterhead pressure, is effectively deployed using a high ratio caulking gun, and each cartridge seals five 2” inch conduits.

Polywater| Hauff-Technik PHRD mechanical seals stop 36 PSI of waterhead pressure, opens up to install around existing cables and busbar, quickly changes out, and is available in stock models to fit a wide range of cable outside diameters and numbers of cables.

Polywater | Hauff-Technik PHSD & PGKD sleeve seals (seal around conduits and pipes) stop 36 PSI and 72 PSI of waterhead pressure are superior to mortar and open cell foams, have patented visual torque indicators, have stainless steel hardware, and reduce labor by decreasing installation times.

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