Maximize the life of a valuable utility pole by repairing rather than replacing with Polywater's UPR

December 3, 2021

For decades, companies working in the electrical and communications industries have leaned on Polywater to help them maximize the life of critical assets.


One example is the frequent, restorative maintenance of wooden utility poles. Initial damage to poles can be caused by woodpeckers, but if left unrepaired can lead to further rot and degradation.


With Polywater UPR utility pole repair companies can restore and preserve the integrity of their wooden poles to extend their life and prevent costly replacement.


Unlike other wood repair products, Polywater UPR is a sealant resin that expands to completely fill irregular sized cavities and fully integrates with wood to seal and prevent further rot. The cartridge and nozzle

design ensure that the two-part formula is completely and quickly mixed, making deployment clean, safe, and easy to apply.


Polywater UPR can be used to repair all wooden pole types and installation can occur in colder temperatures. The repaired area matches the strength of the wood and will not create a stress point during storms and high

winds and because it has similar strength to wood, it is safe for climbing gaffes.


Polywater UPR comes in two varieties and field-friendly kits, giving workers everything they need to make utility pole repair an economic and essential part of ongoing maintenance practices. Support your strategies for resiliency and reliability with sealing solutions from Polywater.

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