Polywater AFT vs. FST: Two Different Products to Seal Conduits

January 6, 2021

American Polywater offers chemical (foam) seals that are ideal for stopping gases and water. Polywater foams are closed-cell, durable, and re-enterable. These foams are currently used throughout the nation with verifiable results, both in commercial and utility applications.

Polywater AFT is perfect for riser and ground level conduit sealing where lower levels of gas and water flow are present. It comes in a convenient spray can. AFT is quick reacting and offers the durability of closed cell foam. It is tested compatible with all cable jackets and self-extinguishes.

Polywater FST, blocks 22 feet of water head pressure and is best suited for underground vaults and heavy-duty applications where there are large flows of gases and water. Polywater FST comes in a convenient kit, is compatible with all cable jackets, and is self-extinguishing.  

Polywater FST vs. AFT Comparison

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