Polywater's Solar Power Products: Solutions for Solar Contractors

November 3, 2021

Polywater makes a number of specialty sealants, cleaners and lubricants that can be used by contractors in the construction, installation and maintenance of solar fields.

The following products can be used for the below applications.

PMT InstaGrout Utility Pad Sealant Barrier

• Seals baseless boxes and inverters in-field

FST Foam Duct Sealant  and AFT Spray Foam Sealant

• Both FST and AFT seal conduits from rodents and prevents outages caused by rodents chewing on cabling. Both foams are an easy way to seal complex cable configurations/multiple cabling in a conduit.

HP Cleaner Degreaser

• Cable Cleaner for splicing and terminations

LZ Universal Cable Pulling Lubricant

• Cable lubricant that can be used on all cable jackets. It is the only lubricant on the market that is tested to not degrade, wreck or harm any type of cable jacket

SPW Solar Panel Cleaner

• Solar panel maintenance cleaner that increases output and watt peak

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PMT Installation

AFT installed in a combiner box

SPW Cleaners