SATEC's Amp Demand Metering Cabinet

February 21, 2024

Delivering Amp Demand Upgrade Solutions to Investor-Owned Utility

The Need

With a large fleet of amp-demand meters operating across a regional distribution and transmission network, equipment reliability and an intuitive interface are extremely important. The customer had aging amp-demand meters that were losing display functionality and were providing limited electrical measurements. They need a solution that would be easy to deploy, straightforward to operate in the field, and would meet their budget.

The Solution

For this application, SATEC's PM130 PLUS digital power meter was chosen due to its high accuracy, reliability, and small footprint.

SATEC provided the meter in a rugged NEMA 4 metal enclosure, rated for outdoor applications, providing protection against moisture and wind-driven rain, and included a heater to further mitigate moisture.

The application required that the meter could deliver a date and time stamp for max amp demand readings. Not only does the PM130 PLUS meter provide peak demand, but it can be configured to deliver many other electrical measurements such as watts, VARS, VA, power factor and harmonics.

One feature the customer insisted on was an easy-to-use demand reset button for their field technicians. For this, we added a digital input module, enabling a simple pushbutton reset of the amp demand reading. The technicians can simply go up to the cabinet, and press the "DMD Reset" button to reset demand.

The Outcome

The utility now has an upgrade solution to address the issue of aging amp-demand meters with limited information. The highlights of this solution are:

  1. An easy to deploy meter (prewired, weatherproof cabinet)
  2. Easy tool to use in the field for accurate max demand readings
  3. Now Provides time/date stamp of max values
  4. Additional electrical parameters that were not available before.
  5. A cost effective and scalable product to deploy across their portfolio
  6. Now provides a connection to SCADA through com ports
  7. Provides breaker status inputs
PM130 PLUS Multifunction Power Meter AMP Demand Meter Upgrade