SATEC's EM920 Adapter

January 15, 2024

SATEC's EM920 Adapter allows users to install SATEC’s latest generation meter, the eXpertmeter EM920™ Meter, into many switchboard cases including GE, Westinghouse, Basler styles, and others. The meter will fit flush inside a new or existing case.

Installation is a matter of minutes, not hours. Simply remove the cover, slide out the old meter, slide in the new EM920 with adapter assembly (Adapter/Meter) and attach the new flush cover. There is no need to shut down the circuit or do any re-wiring. The customers will not experience any power interruptions.

Features and Benefits:

• Easy installation. No re-wiring or de-energizing

• Cost-effective solution for upgrading old metering

• Retrofits into existing switchboard meter cases

• Simplifies maintenance, testing and replacement

• Flush metering solution

SUSI Integrated Adapters (SWIE Series) Product Availability Chart:

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