Take a safe and reliable approach to grounding with SAE’s Conducrete®

July 29, 2020

Take a safe and reliable approach to grounding. SAE’s Conducrete® is a conductive cementitious and carbonaceous material that dramatically enhances the performance, reliability, and longevity of grounding and cathodic protection systems. Engineered to protect ground electrodes and reduce material costs; SAE’s Conducrete® is a long-term solution that virtually eliminates corrosion, ensures long-term reliable grounding and serves as a theft deterrent.

Conducrete® o­ffers many benefits:

  • Extends the life of grounding systems by a factor of up to 20x
  • Theft resistant  — once Conducrete® sets
  • Compressive strength and low shrinkage allowing it to withstand fault currents
  • High water absorption due to constant hydration
  • Environmentally friendly

Conducrete® can store and release energy the same way that a capacitor will store energy until it is grounded or allowed to release the energy into a circuit. The material absorbs high rise time electrical surges keeping ground potential rise in check and preventing damage.

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