TE Connectivity's Field Service Solutions Across North America

July 22, 2021

Your network is only as reliable as your product installation. TE Connectivity's Field Service Solutions make every connection count.

Your mission: Improve grid reliability and keep costs low. Correct installation of products in your network is key to achieving reliability. TE Connectivity (TE) can help. They support the correct installation of their products, the first time, every time.

Why is this so critical? 50% of medium voltage cable accessory failures are due to installation errors and it can cost up to $150,000 in replacement costs for a single medium voltage splice. That adds up to significant costs that you can avoid.

Reduce your risk and assure successful installation by:

• Training your installers on new cables and products

• Making sure your tooling receives proper maintenance and your installers are trained on their use

• Assessing your installer competence to understand abilities

• Utilizing supervision to tackle real on-the-job issues

• Requiring a skilled person or team to complete the installation when the task is beyond your competence

• Getting in-field testing and commissioning testing to check the health of your recent installation work

Reducing installation errors impacts more than your bottom line. When the power goes out, the stress intensifies for all stakeholders involved. Fewer network outages and repairs due to errors mean your network maintains peak availability and customers stay satisfied.

Every year TE Connectivity's North America Field Service Team trains over 3,000 people. Their expertise goes way beyond training. Their experts can identify and understand your installation issues and give real insight because they are ex-linemen or underground splicers with an average of 20+ years of field experience. They are professionals skilled in overhead and underground electrical construction and are regularly assisting customers in the field with supervision, installation and testing.

TE Connectivity can provide flexible installation training and customized services designed to work for you:

• At their Training Center in Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina, USA

• At your location

• At our distributors’ location

Need more than upskilling training and assessment of your installers? Contact Powertech Associates to learn more about TE Connectivity's ability to supervise, install and test at the installation site.