TE Connectivity's FREE WAP Takeoff Service

September 6, 2023

TE Connectivity has been helping customers for 30-plus years mitigate animal caused outages in substations and on overhead lines. Animal caused outages can be reduced by over 90% when isolating / insulating covers and barriers are installed on equipment (transformers, breakers, arresters, switches, cutouts, regulators…), eliminating a phase to phase or phase to ground flashover. 

 TE’s wildlife and asset protection material formulations are designed to:

  • Perform reliability for 40+ years without impactful deterioration in performance.
  • Minimize the risk of fire ignition associated with normal and abnormal utility environments with our standard materials.
  • Extend the performance to add V0 for those customers who require it.

TE Connectivity provides a FREE service of solutions to mitigate substation bird and animal contacts. 

All that is required is a quick visit to the substation(s) of your choice and a few pictures taken of the equipment that you would like protected. You will then receive a customized recommendation of what TE WAP solutions would be best for your situation.


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