Tech Products EVERLAST Transformer Cable Markers

May 1, 2024

Everlast transformer cable markers are a great way to mark the cables in your pad-mount transformer box. It makes it easy to read where the cable came from and where it is going to. This minimizes the amount of time a lineman at each transformer. It also greatly decreases safety hazard when a written tag is smeared or poorly written and the lineman is unsure which phase they are working on or which line they should be fixing.  

Everlast tags are unique in that they do not use any ink. The Everlast transformer markers are made using a patented process of injection molded poly. It is warrantied for 40 years, UL tested for 43 years, and field tested for 38 years. Everlast has been used in every environment from Camp Gitmo in Cuba to Snohomish County PUD in Washington.

Everlast Transformer Tags (ELHKY) on transformer

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