Trayer Switchgear's Vacuum Switches Boost Reliability and Safety

April 22, 2019

Trayer Engineering Corporation was featured in the April edition of T&D World in a story about how Holyoke Gas & Electric (HG&E) improved their outage management with Trayer's five-away automatic switchgear.

The first switchgear was installed at a commercial park with a 1-MW solar facility. Prior to the switch installation, if an outage occurred that affected these customers, HG&E would have to send a line crew to pump the vault with the submersible switch inside and operate the switch to make a tie to another circuit. The utility removed an older submersible two-way tie switch and replaced it with the five-way switchgear.

Now, in a similar outage situation with the five-way switchgear in place, the customers only experience a momentary interruption. Furthermore, if a customer in the commercial park has a fault on the feed to their transformer, the only one affected by the failure is the customer with the fault. Only the breaker to that customer would open, thus increasing the reliability and decreasing the number of customers impacted.

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