Utility Linemen stay safe while working one of the most dangerous jobs

September 23, 2019

Statistics show workers working at night are 3X's more likely to get struck by a vehicle or equipment than their daytime counterpart. How well are your workers protected?

Current safety vests only use Hi Vis and Retro-Reflective materials, which don't offer enough protection in a completely dark environment. Advanced Visibility's Glow Guard technology was developed to keep workers visible when they are most vulnerable, during storms or blackouts. This new illuminating tape technology, which charges in minutes by natural sunlight, UV or artificial light, gives the wearer a 3rd level of protection to the safety garment for up to 8 hours!

For more information, visit advancedvisibilityusa.com. For a quote, please contact us at rcampbell@powertech-upsc.com or (860) 678-8772.