Utility Solutions Underground Grounds-Trainer™ Personal Protective Grounding Simulator

January 29, 2024

The Underground Grounds-Trainer™ is a portable personal protective grounding simulator designed specifically for Underground grounding applications. The Underground Grounds-Trainer™ is built upon Utility Solution's PhaseLink™ platform to offer an immersive and hands-on learning environment for all knowledge levels.

The Underground Grounds-Trainer™ teaches key concepts of grounding which include Radial vs Loop Circuits, Ground Potential Rise, Distribution of Fault Currents, Neutral Currents & Total Isolation, Soil Resistivity, EPZ, and the Resistance of Personal Protective Ground Sets. The Underground Grounds-Trainer™ also covers basic switching principles, including phasing out the open point.

Personal protective grounding is a highly complex and often misunderstood subject – because each system is unique, traditional education, textbooks and published material of this topic tends to be limited to theory, in lieu of practical, real-world scenarios. The Underground Grounds-Trainer™ bridges the gap between theory and the real-world by allowing users to change variables in real-time to illustrate the principles of grounding, proper work methods, and even recreate specific incidents.


The Underground Grounds-Trainer™ makes use of the PhaseLink™ training platform. This innovative technology allows multiple users to connect wirelessly to the unit from personal smartphones, tablets or laptops, and allows users to see and interact with the unit in real-time. PhaseLink™ is perfect for classroom environments, allowing instructors to reach students like never before. With PhaseLink™, students and instructors can make use of the included iPad, allowing freedom of movement and visibility and control even from across the classroom.

The Underground Grounds-Trainer™ Personal Protective Grounding Simulator is constructed of a rugged polymer frame and includes built-in legs that fold for easy transport. It measures 27.5” wide x 19” tall x 3.5” deep. It is powered by standard 120V AC and includes a 10.2” iPad w/ charger, cordless mouse, and HDMI output for connecting a monitor or projector. The included hard case includes heavy-duty foam, storage area, and a spring-loaded handle.

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