WARN®-Richards Lineman Drill Winch

June 14, 2024

The WARN®-Richards Lineman Drill Winch is designed for typical utility applications to provide an easy and dependable method for tensioning wire and cable. The LDW has numerous ergonomic benefits for field personnel by virtually eliminating awkward work positioning and repetitive motion injuries associated with current tensioning methods. The LDW is lightweight, portable, and designed for use with a standard battery-powered drill. The novel gear mechanism allows lineman to fine-tune the position of the tensioned cable/wire by simply using forward and reverse drill rotation. The innovative hand wheel allows for manual de-tension, and is designed with a large grip that can be easily turned with gloves. The drill interface is designed to work exclusively with a custom drill bit adapter. This five-sided adapter prohibits the use of a hex socket. This adapter remains inserted in a drill, which allows for easy connection and disconnection.


  1. Unit anchor point swivels and hinges to assist in aligning the winch with the pull
  2. Free-spool clutch selector can be engaged/disengaged using gloves
  3. Includes 40' of 5/32" synthetic rope with a 750 lb. single-line tensioning capacity
  4. Quick-disconnect drill attachment with large release pin designed to be accessible with gloves
  5. Integrated bottom cover to prevent dirt and debris from entering unit
  6. Hand wheel for minor tension adjustments and emergency de-tensioning in case drill is inoperable

For more information or a quote on the Lineman Drill Winch, please contact us at info@powertech-upsc.com or (860) 678-8772.