Youngstown Glove's NEW Leather Protectors

December 19, 2018

Leather Protectors, worn over rubber insulating gloves, have seen little design change since their OSHA-mandated use that started in the 1950’s. Most producers of leather protectors use the same working glove pattern invented in the 1870’s.

Youngstown’s Leather Protectors have taken an entirely new approach by creating an ergonomic glove pattern that fits perfectly over rubber insulating gloves while staying within the parameters of ASTM F696. This innovative design provides greater fit, dexterity and comfort, and eliminates the problems caused by ill-fitting protectors.

They produce these gloves with premium grade grain leather. The 12" and 14" leather protectors models use a thick, tacky and flexible cow grain upper. The 10" and 13" leather protectors feature a thin, tacky and flexible goat grain leather. They combine the materials into their ergonomic 3D pattern, precision sewed with meticulous care and attention to detail by their best glove craftsmen. The finished product is a leather protector of unmatched quality, fit and performance.

Youngstown’s line of Leather Protectors is Arc Rated and made with materials that will not drip, melt or ignite if exposed to an arc flash. Rather than use the commonly found polymeric cuff, Youngstown produces cuffs made of cow suede that will also not drip, melt or ignite, and additionally provide both cut and puncture resistance. They also use an FR Strap System with a webbing made of woven Kevlar® and a heat stabilized heavy duty fastener to further ensure no dripping or melting.

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