Product News

Introduction to Trystar Webinar: Portable & Industrial Power Solutions

February 25, 2021

This introduction to Trystar webinar provides a brief overview of their disaster prep and recovery power supply solutions, portable and industrial power products and cable offerings which can help you power your next emergency response and help you cover all of your power distribution needs.

Micatu's Optical Sensing Offers a Safer Way to Measure the Grid

February 18, 2021

The grid is undergoing change at a rapid pace, and sensing technology must keep up if we are to ensure that our technology is effective and—more importantly—safe.

TE Connectivity's Utility Service Solutions

January 28, 2021

TE Connectivity's Field Service Technicians provide a variety of services and solutions to support installers in the utility industry.

Increase Reliability in the Power Grid and Reduce Wildlife-Related Fire Risk with TE Connectivity's Wildlife Asset Protection products

January 20, 2021

Strategic installation of insulating components and barriers can be used to minimize the impact of wildlife on power grid assets. If these components are specified correctly, such modifications can minimize costly power outages while reducing fire risk.

Power Design Modular Enclosure allows utility to perform winter work next to a frozen waterfall

January 13, 2021

A utility in New York had a 60 foot line up of air gear in a substations near a waterfall. The vicinity to the water fall made it next to impossible to do any maintenance on the gear in the winter due to ice buildup. The solution was to build a custom 20 X 76 modular enclosure by Power Design.