Product News

TE Connectivity's Shearbolt Pin Terminal Connector

April 2, 2020

TE Connectivity's NEW Shearbolt Pin Terminal Connector (ASBP) is ideal for secondary distribution and overhead applications up to 35 kV. The ASBP is range taking and can accommodate cables from #2 AWG solid to 750 kcmil concentric, stranded Class B.

Hauff-Technik and American Polywater Corporation introduce mechanical sealant line in the U.S.

January 24, 2020

With innovative sealing systems from Polywater | Hauff Technik, you now have the ability to provide absolute protection in and around your cables, conduits, pipes and building entries.

Evaluating a Historic Conduit for Upgrade

January 3, 2020

Can project and design engineers use existing conduits for upgrades? The answer is yes. Replacement of conduits is preferred, but when facing crowded underground systems, it may make sense to reuse existing conduit systems.

How Wildlife Causes Major Power Outages

October 31, 2019

Wildlife ranks 2nd only to stormy weather as the major cause of power failures. Of them all, squirrels by far are the worst offenders. The costs of these outages to consumers and the power industry are staggering globally: $10 billion annually!

Utility Linemen stay safe while working one of the most dangerous jobs

September 23, 2019

Statistics show workers working at night are 3X's more likely to get struck by a vehicle or equipment than their daytime counterpart. How well are your workers protected?