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July 23, 2020

Whether your goal is storm hardening, meeting NEC Codes or protecting mission-critical assets, Whether your goal is storm hardening, water mitigation, rodent detterence, meeting NEC Codes or protecting mission-critical assets, Polywater | Hauff Technik offers multiple solutions to more effectively s

Polywater announces UL approval for conduit mechanical sealant line in the U.S.

July 1, 2020

Polywater announces that itsPolywater | Hauff-Technik mechanical seals have been certified by UnderwritersLaboratories (UL) to meet the requirements of Outlet Bushings and Fittings(QCRV).

High-Performance Grounding for Power Systems

June 10, 2020

Grounding for power systems is an often misunderstood, yet crucial aspect of protecting power equipment and utility personnel while also minimizing downtime. SAE Conducrete® has been proven to reduce the resistance and impedance of a grounding electrode by up to 80%.

TE Connectivity's One-Stop Shop for AMPACT Part Numbers

April 23, 2020

TE Connectivity's new part selector app searches all AMPACT Wedge Connector part numbers in seconds and configures the appropriate part for your application quickly and easily. Download the app today on your IOS or Android Device or use the web application to begin searching the catalog.

Design Safe and Efficient Cable Pulls with Polywater's Pull-Planner™ 4.0

April 15, 2020

Pull-Planner 4.0 software is useful for designing effective conduit systems as cables are susceptible to damage when pulling tension and sidewall bearing pressure limits are exceeded.